Who we are

Founded in 2005 at the hands of Roberto Nicodemo, building contractor and passionate farmer, and his wife Marialuisa Zottola, Terra di Vento seeks to preserve, promote and develop their lands through products which, beyond superb taste, frame a story of place and origin.
Local tradition tells of a farmer who, while pulling along his harvest in his cart, raised a cloud of dust which brought the “vento di terra” (“winds of the land”) above the village. That wind became the Terrra di Vento (“land of wind”).
Terra di Vento is a farming enterprise “a metro zero” with total food chain production and entirely our own biological cycle on site.
The farm is spread along 50 hectares at 200 meters above sea level in the Macchia Morese territory in the heart of the Monti Picentini Regional Park, between the splendid Gulf of Salerno and the sweet Salernitane hills.
Completely autonomous in its energy production thanks to a photovoltaic power apparatus sporting electrical power of 20KW and zero emissions, the farm would like to introduce the public to a high quality form of agricultural production which is respectful of consumer rights, its workers and its livestock from a conservationist point of view.  It also, most significantly, respects the rights of future generations to live on a sustainable planet.


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