Terra di Vento: eco-sustainable and compatible farming

• We produce the energy we consume:
our 20 kWp solar plant installed on the roof of our cellar has allowed to produce 35.188 kWh of energy and avoid 18.684 kgs of CO2 emissions so far

We use only eco-friendly packaging for our products: the carton used to pack our bottles is 100% from pulping sites of Campania region and from production techniques finalized at the maximum saving of water and energy

Our wines and olive oil from organic farming are contained in bottles 30% lighter than traditional ones contributing to sensibly reduce CO2 emissions from their transport and delivery

The corks of our bottles are 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable. The cork is extracted every nine years from the Quercus Suber L, a tree that provides a sustainable production, with an average of 16 harvest over its 200 year lifespan.

Lucio Afeltra - mani di Roberto Nicodemo